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Denzel Curry - TA1300

Quelle: Loma Vista Recordings


Denzel Curry returns with his highly anticipated, third project TA1300. The project has cemented his name as an artist not to be taken lightly.

Miami, FL rapper Denzel Curry returns for his third full-length project entitled TA1300 (a.k.a. Taboo). His previous two albums Imperial and 32 Zel were both held in high regard, separating himself from the other SoundCloud rappers that he rose to stardom with. His explosive production and delivery were the main focus of his previous projects, and while TA1300 still contains these elements, this is his first album that is one cohesive project. The album has three separate parts, going from Light to Grey, then ending with Dark. Curry explains that he created the album as his creative emotions changed from lighter and happier sounds, to darker and melancholy.

Act 1: Light

Part 1, Light, touches upon serious topics as he raps to whomever the subject of the song is. "TABOO" covers sexual abuse, drug abuse, institutionalized violence, and societal taboos over genre-bending jazzy production. Part 1 is a lot more sing-songy than the Denzel Curry that we are used to, showing his versatility and artistic-depth by using his unique flow and lyricism over production that he usually strays away from.

The last song on Part 1, "SUMO", is a smooth transition from Light to Grey. The production on "SUMO" contains the explosiveness that you can find on his 2015 single, Ultimate, that brought Denzel’s name to light. "SUMO" contains typical SoundCloud rap themes of wealth and his superiority to other rappers, which differs from the other themes you find on Part 1 which slightly demeans the three-section theme of the album.

Act 2: Grey

The overall sound of Part 2 is similar to his previous albums that cemented Denzel’s one-of-a-kind style of boombastic production along with quick and choppy flows. Track 1 of Part 2, "SUPER SAIYAN SUPERMAN", reminds the listener of Curry’s origin as a Florida SoundCloud rapper. The flow and progression of the song is similar to tracks you would hear by other Floridian artists Smokepurpp, Lil Pump, or the late XXXTentacion. Even though Part 2 has similarities to his previous work, the tracks on TA1300 show Curry’s artistic evolution with a smoother delivery and catchier hooks.

Part 2 ends with "CLOUT COBAIN", the single-release of the album. This track focuses on the toxic environment modern-day rappers find themselves in. Curry raps about the lengths artist will go to gain clout and attention, whether it be through drugs or violence. Curry breaks the light to dark transition again in Part 2 with "SIRENS" ft. rapper J.I.D, as the overall sound of the song doesn’t exactly fit with the tracks around it. Somewhat of a nitpicky detail, but with an album that has very few shortcomings I feel it should be mentioned.

Act 3: Dark

However Part 3, Dark, is no disappointment in what I would imagine a Denzel Curry “dark” album to sound like. The production throughout the last four tracks are all bassy, cacophonic beats produced by FNZ and renouned SoundCloud producer, RonnyJ. The lyrics within Part 3 really put all of the album in perspective. Curry raps about the phoniness of the artists within his genre, but is confident in his role as a rapper that has already made a lane for himself. He embodies one of his “artistic aliases” in Part 3, referring to himself as “Zel.” Zel is Curry’s persona that breaks away from his rather serious self in Part 1 and 2. Zel is the explosive and cocky rapper that got Curry to where he is today, and his hubris shows when he flows as “Zel.”

All in all, TA1300 is an impressive project from start to finish that puts Denzel Curry’s name into the conversation of “Who is the best rapper alive?” Before this album, Curry was held in high regard solely due to his fast, explosive flows. Now, with his visions coming to life, everyone knows what Curry is capable of in terms of making a point with his music. Denzel Curry has blazed a trail for the youngest generation of rappers, and his artistic depth isn’t even done expanding yet.

I'm gonna live by my confidence, I'm gonna die by my arrogance

Heaven and hell is irrelevant, I be the black metal terrorist



Gesamtwertung: 4,5 von 5 Punkten.

TA1300 von Denzel Curry ist am 27.7.18 auf Loma Vista Recordings erschienen.

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