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Mac Miller - Swimming

Autor(en): Maria Cordes am Montag, 6. August 2018
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Quelle: Warner Bros. Records


After two years we finally get a new album by Mac Miller - and it sounds different than expected. Our intern Maria Cordes gives her opinion on the record.

Mac Miller’s latest studio album, “Swimming”, is the first record he has released since “Divine Feminine” 2016, which was different than most of his previous works. This, his teaser releases of “Small Worlds” and “Self Care”, and his recent break up with American singer Ariana Grande in May, were two major reasons why this August 3rd album drop was highly anticipated for fans.

The prediction before its release was that “Swimming” would be overwhelmingly depressing because of the break-up, Ariana’s recent engagement announcement, and the 26-year old rapper’s publicized DUI, but in my personal opinion, this album is really about self-reflection and growth. There are some tracks that are a bit somber and melancholy, but there are also upbeat songs that try to portray the appreciation for the beauty of life. Most of the tracks, you probably wouldn’t decide to play at your next summer party, but it’s “Perfecto” for a night drive with your windows down.

“Self Care”

Nine out of thirteen tracks on the album are fat least four minutes long, so throughout a single song Mac has freedom to switch it up, which is exactly what he does. When listening to a few songs, I sometimes had to check and see if I was listening to the same song. This was the most apparent, in the early released track, “Self Care”. The chill spacey beat with clear verses and slurred choruses echoes the theme of trying to better yourself, while also trying to find and trust yourself. The video is also captivating, as it seems to play off of an infamous scene from “Kill Bill Vol. 2”.


This is arguably one of the most upbeat picks on the album, although the intro starts off fairly mellow. With the heavy use of synths, a grooving bassline, handclaps, and strong brass breakdowns, “Ladders” has a funk feel and is simultaneously retro and fresh. The lyrics are also more positive than some of the others, focusing on perseverance when times get tough, reiterating, “Somehow we gotta find a way, no matter how many miles it takes.


Contrast to that, one of the most chill songs on “Swimming”, is “2009”. This track starts with a big, almost cinematic intro with a variety of strings and whimsical feeling. The strings fade out, and the beat comes in with an ethereal soft piano loop that all sounds very dreamy. “This ain’t 2009 no more…” is part of the hook that makes it apparent that this is a track about reminiscing. Remembering when times were easy, and also the struggles you’ve been through, and how time flies and you change, sometimes better, and sometimes more struggle. Back in 2009, Mac Miller had just released his first two mixtapes, and the next year is when he started to rise to stardom, so nearly ten years of fame later, this track is a step back from the fast life.

“Self reflection, growth and progression”

Overall, I enjoyed the musicality of this album, the cleverness and introspectiveness of some of the lines, and the original and distinct rap flows. A few of the songs seemed more similar to tracks on his 2015 album, “GO:OD AM”, so it seemed closer to himself than “Divine Feminine” did, in my opinion. As a long-time fan of Mac’s, I enjoyed the theme of the album, and although it is very personal about his thoughts and feelings, they still seem relatable.


I just need a way out of my head.
I'll do anything for a way out… of my head.”



Gesamtwertung: 4 von 5 Punkten.

Swimming von Mac Miller ist am 03.08.18 auf Warner Bros. Records erschienen.
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