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Autor(en): Henri Sarafov am Dienstag, 21. Juni 2016
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I have a Tribe

Patrick von 'I Have A Tribe' hat nicht nur Bilder im Kopf, bei ihm ist es eine ganze Farbpalette. Und die singt er.


You say, that your music is created by the colours in your head. Can you explain that?
I got to a point, where no more words could describe what I try to say. And I think to describe the music as a colour is a way to understand the feeling it gives you. I work a bit with my friend David and he is a painter. And I give him the songs and he paints and you can see the same ideas, but in a different medium.

Do you draw paintings?
I did little tryings, but not so much.


You say, that you sing paintings. Do you think it also works the other way around, so you can paint a song?
For the Cover of my Album I recorded some songs and sent them to David. And he put his headphones on and went for a walk and then he painted what he heard. So yes, I think so. You can see the different colours of the songs within the paintings then. It's a nice process.


Platte des Monats

Conor O'Brien zeigt mit The Art of Pretending to Swim, dass Indie-Folk auch im Jahr 2018 noch spannender klingen kann, als man das von diesem Genre erwartet hätte. Das vierte Album der Villagers vereint, was eigentlich widersprüchlich wirkt: Folk mit R'n'B und Experimentierfreude mit Zugänglichkeit. 

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