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Wargirl im Interview

Friedliche Töne von Wargirl

Autor(en): Shiloh Wilson am Freitag, 21. September 2018
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Die Californische Newcomerband Wargirl hat mit uns über ihren Werdegang, ihr bevorstehendes Album und ihr Geheimnis für den großen Erfolg gesprochen. 

Drei von den sechs Mitgliedern der Band Wargirl aus Long Beach waren bei uns zu Besuch. Nachdem sie letzten November ihre erste EP Arbolita veröffentlicht haben, werden sie nun am 26.10. ihr erstes Album herausbringen. Ihre Musik ist eine dynamische Mischung aus Garage-Rock, Funk und Pop.



You guys are from California, a place where aspiring bands pop up in an extremely high frequency. How tough is it to stand out in such a competetive area?

I think that what makes us stand our is not neccessarily an effort to do so, it’s the fact that we are all very authentic and who we are. We don’t really look to impress anyone and kind of have a rebellious spirit. And you’re right, bands are a dime in a dozen in the Los Angeles area and it can be very competetive. But when you’ve got blinders on to everything else that’s going on and you’re just trying to create a new sound and collaborate with musicians that you really respect, I think that you don’t need to try to stand out, it just happens naturally.

The Long Beach area where you’re from is a very liberal and open-minded place (as far as I know). How important is it to you to represent this side of American society to other countries?

I think it’s extremely important to represent where we’re from in a way that is kind of true to the area. Long Beach is extremely mixed musically, culturally, socioeconomically – it’s extremely diverse in art and music and culture, and I think that’s what makes work over here unique. In that respect that there are six of us that come from completely different backgrounds and I think that shows through the music.

When we look at a festival lineups women are still extremely underrespresented. How likely is it that this will change in the near future or how important is it to you?

As a woman myself I feel really empowered being the frontwoman of this band that is a mix of women and men. We are personally not aiming to make a statement in that way. I think we’re just kind of authentic and who we are and the band has formulated in an organic sense and in anfything we’re just going to represent equality. And that’s part of it too. That’s how feminism and womanism is evolving as really not considering gender when you’re selecting band members or people that you’re collaborating with. It’s just someone that you respect regardless of gender.

Platte des Monats

Conor O'Brien zeigt mit The Art of Pretending to Swim, dass Indie-Folk auch im Jahr 2018 noch spannender klingen kann, als man das von diesem Genre erwartet hätte. Das vierte Album der Villagers vereint, was eigentlich widersprüchlich wirkt: Folk mit R'n'B und Experimentierfreude mit Zugänglichkeit. 

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