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The Ocelots im Interview

Irishmen in Munich

Autor(en): Gloria Grünwald am Donnerstag, 19. November 2015
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Ashley und Brandon von The Ocelots

Die Brüder Ashley und Brandon aus Irland haben gerade mal die Schule beendet, Erfahrung als Straßenmusiker und ein Faible für ein ganz bestimmtes Tier.

Wir haben mit den Zwillingen über ihre irische Heimat und ihren ersten Besuch in München gesprochen. Und natürlich über das namensgebende Tier: den Oszelot.

You started out as street musicians in your hometown Wexford. Ireland, and Dublin especially, is quite popular for this. What was it like to play your music to strangers in the streets? What were the usual reactions from people passing by?

I love doing it. It's one of the best experiences when you can play music on the streets. When people walk past you. When you know they can see you and their face lights up and they are like "Wow. There's music on the streets." There is no other experience than being tipped by people walking by enjoying your music. It's great!

Siblings making music together can lead to difficult situations. Probably the most famous example are Liam and Noel Gallagher from Oasis. Ashley and Brandon, you are brothers, too. How do you guys get along when spending so much time together making music. Do you have arguments from time to time?

We're okay. We have been all our lives together. It's unnormal to be seperated. As far as it's going now to play music and all. I think we get on pretty well.

And since you are here now, what is your experience of the music scene in Munich compared to the music scene in your hometown in Ireland?

The appreciation of Ireland pubs are very popular in Munich, obviously. And through the pub kind of music scene it's a lot more familiar with covers. I suppose maybe Munich would be harder for originalists. So far, being welcomed so warmly – the music scene we haven't really experienced. It has been the warmest welcomes we have ever had in a country and sorrounded by such nice people. The Munich Sessions which is going to be hosted every month in Lost Weekend by the university. The organizers of that  were so nice to us. Go down and playing there was definitely a great experience. It's a place for playing original music and I think the foundation they are giving there to different directors is brilliant. It has definitely given us one of the best experiences of playing in a foreign country ever.


Platte des Monats

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