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Black Oak im Interview

Stille im Publikum

Autor(en): Henri Sarafov am Montag, 12. September 2016
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Quelle: M94.5/Denis Strauch

Black Oak

Die beiden Singersongwriter Bands "The Black Atlantic und "I Am Oak" haben sich zu dem Kollektiv "Black Oak" zusammengeschlossen. 


In May this year, you published your first collabo Album „Equinox“.
When you started writing your songs, which one of you came more with the ideas? Who had the upper hand?

G: I Think I had more ideas, like little Verses and chorses. But That is only the start, because a Song isn‘t finish only by that. I would say in the end it was 50/50.

You are on Tour now and I saw, that you play a lot of shows in Germany. Even more than in Netherlands. How come?

T: Germany is bigger, so there are more stations to play. And I think both of our Bands, „I Am Oak“ and „The Black Atlantic“, do quite well in germany and so it‘s sort of logical for us to be here a lot. And we also like it a lot.
G: I love playing for the German audiens, because they are much better listeners, than most other countries. It feels to me like Germans never stop being them selves. They always give you an honest reply. Sometimes it‘s akward when you make a joke and it‘s completly silent, but that‘s still honest.

Your collabo Album came out in May. But Thijs, you published another Album „Our Blood“ 3 Month before with your originally Band „I Am Oak“. So you worked on 2 different Albums at the same time?

T: Yes

And on which one did you work more?

On the „I Am Oak“ Album, because I worked on it for about two years. And the „Black Oak“ thing we did in a year.


Platte des Monats

Conor O'Brien zeigt mit The Art of Pretending to Swim, dass Indie-Folk auch im Jahr 2018 noch spannender klingen kann, als man das von diesem Genre erwartet hätte. Das vierte Album der Villagers vereint, was eigentlich widersprüchlich wirkt: Folk mit R'n'B und Experimentierfreude mit Zugänglichkeit. 

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