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Northcote im Interview

"The dream is you"

Autor(en): Melisa Tekin am Freitag, 21. August 2015
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Der Kanadier Northcote spricht mit uns über sein neues Album, Selbstakzeptanz und die Vergangenheit.

In der letzten Zeit, hat sich bei Matthew Goud aka Northcote so einiges verändert. Nicht nur in seinem Leben, sondern auch musikalisch. Früher noch Bandmitglied der Post-Hardcore Band "Means", jetzt optimistischer Singer/Songwriter.  Im September erscheint das neue Album "Hope Is Made Of Steel" .

Your new album "Hope Is Made Of Steel" comes out next month. And most of the songs sound very personal, like "Small Town Dreams" and "Stronger Than You Know". You are from a rather small town as well, do you think your dreams came true yet?

Oh interesting question! Yeah, I am from a small town. My family lived - not on a farm, but we had some animals and stuff - outside of a town of about 1000 people. And it's kind of in the western central part of Canada, called Saskatchewan. I think when you dream about something, that is who you are as a person. What you dream about, what you want to be, that is you. So it's not about finishing the goal. Well, you know, if you're a runner it's not about the end. The dream is you, it's your identity. That's what I think at this moment.

What does your new album mean to you, is it like fighting for what you want?

Right when I finished this record I turned 30 years old and I was thinking about my twenties. You know, when I was a teenager, my world was really small. Just my family, my childhood religion, a small town. And in my twenties, everything, like my philosophie, all my relationships changed... you experiment you know. You get high, you run into problems. And at the end of your twenties you realize, that all of your life doesn't work out perfectly the way you had thought it would. Not everything comes in order, comes in line. But going forward, keeping that hope. Then it's gonna be okay. And you know, I'm still learning what the record means to me. But that's the main idea.

Seems like it is about being positive, having a vision and fight for it, but not to hard?

Yeah, there's a type of self-acceptance that I want to have someday. You know, I think that's a good secret. A lot of people have that. They have an acceptance of themselves and a confidence. And I'm on a mission to learn how to do that.

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