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Reeperbahnfestival 2015

Newcomer, Newcomer!

Quelle: reeperbahnfestival.com

Reeperbahn Festival

From September 23rd to 26th, you can see the newest talents of the music business at the Reeperbahnfestival in Hamburg.

You may have heard that the controversial rock/alternative group Frei.Wild were playing at this year’s Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, but you have heard wrong. Frei.Wild gave the impression that they would be performing at the venue ‘Top Dog’ during this years festival. The official Reeperbahn Festival website replied to this stating that this venue was not included in the Reeperbahn festival, and while Frei.Wild may be playing there during the time of the festival, they are in no way associated with it.

The Reeperbahn Festival has taken legal action against those responsible for the publication. As stated by Reeperbahn officials, “The Reeperbahn Festival is, as we know it from the St. Pauli district, colorful and open to all - and offers neither racist, fascist, nationalist, glorify violence or other extreme ideas a platform. We are concerned with the international common element of music!”

Missing out on Frei.Wild may not be such a devastating blow, but there are some artists scheduled that you won’t want to miss. The Reeperbahn Festival is known for showcasing new talents.

Júníus Meyvant is someone you may want to put on your radar. To date, he has only released an EP, including the song Color Decay, but is planning to release his debut album this summer. If you want to find out more about him, we met up with him at the SPOT Festival back in May for an Interview.

Another artist to look out for this September at the festival is the indie rock band Adam Angst. It is made up of Felix Schoenfuss, who was one the lead singer of Frau Potz, and former members of Blackmail, Fjoert and Escapado.

You can also expect to see Cosmo Sheldrake, a curly-haired Londoner with a talent for Indie Electronic music! Watch him rock out on the Keyboard in his video for “The Moss”, which you may remember as M94.5’s 2014 Summer Hit!

Launched in 2006, the Reeperbahn Festival is Germany’s biggest club festival. Venues around the Reeperbahn in Hamburg host artists from around the world to bring music lovers together for a 3-day event.

Reeperbahn Festival

September, 23-26, 2015

Admission: € 24 - 89

Platte des Monats

Conor O'Brien zeigt mit The Art of Pretending to Swim, dass Indie-Folk auch im Jahr 2018 noch spannender klingen kann, als man das von diesem Genre erwartet hätte. Das vierte Album der Villagers vereint, was eigentlich widersprüchlich wirkt: Folk mit R'n'B und Experimentierfreude mit Zugänglichkeit. 

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